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Cut Loft wierdness

Question asked by brant Friesens on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Paul Salvador

So i have tried all i can think of to make this loft sucessful

Ive been close but not right

When i add the 3d sketch to the guide curves i get a strange result

I'm sure i have used 3d sketches as guide curves before and not seen this kind of result

Does anyone see what I'm missing or doing wrong?


this is the loft cut without the 3d sketch guide curve - but it doesn't follow the model edge

note8 screen shot 1.jpg

This is the loft cut with the 3d sketch guide curve - follows the model edge (almost) but has a wonky cut

note8 screen shot 2.jpg

I have attached the file - I have SW2018 but have been using SW2017 for this

Any help is appreciated

BTW i have tried a variety of sketch planes for the loft sketches, i have tried doing at an extrude loft and subtracting, i have tried making a lofted or boundary surface for cutting - the always end up with the same wonky surface cut

I tried adding more guide curves but it's like a balloon dog - squeeze it one place and it pops out in another!