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    Where's the best place to start learning SW 2017?

    Adam Tasker

      Totally new beginner.. I'm going to be studying Mechanical Engineering at university in September too.


      So far I have done one built in tutorial, the pressure plate, but there were a few bits which didn't work (I think the tutorial needed updating to be synchronized to SW 2017).


      I came across an old thread recommending two YouTube videos per one built in SW tutorial. The thread was 4 years old so maybe some new ways of learning?


      Many thanks,

      And the community looks welcoming


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          Glenn Schroeder

          I still think the built-in tutorials are a good resource.  If you run into problems feel free to post your attempt here (How can I attach a file to a forum post?) and let us know where you're having problems.


          You can of course use youtube videos (many do), but please keep in mind that anyone can post there, even if they don't know as much as they think they do.  It can be a way to learn bad habits.

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            Ivo Ivonko

            Here is a tutorial ( not free ) based on practical approach by the title


            The SOLIDWORKS Yacht Course (http://bit.ly/2Hrs9dn)


            The description of the tutorial states that it is written in simple style, step by step, to be understandable to those without an experience with Solidworks and for those experienced in Solidworks to advance their skills.


            Kind regards

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                Tom Gagnon

                Jan Zuyderduyn's tutorials are thoroughly clear and easy to follow. I have not purchased any, but he has (had?) free sample tutorials, for tumbler glasses, a chair, a juicer, and other stuff which I've downloaded and looked through. Although I'm not a customer of his, I second the reference.


                However, OP didn't mention anything about cost or budget. Without considering a student's assumed budget, I have to say that the best place to learn is from paid classes by a VAR. You can, or should be able to, buy a bulk package deal to cover all classes that cover Standard license capabilities over a year's time. The classes I've taken were small, so that instructor could pay individual attention to all students' questions and concerns. Also, the VAR instructor should be a CSWE with broad experience across many aspects of Solidworks.


                Welcome to the forums, Adam.

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                Jeff Holliday

                I like the way you are approaching this by asking for suggestions. Too many people seem to think they can figure it out by themselves and never realize that they are learning some bad habits that stay with them and continue to cause problems and take time. I do think the included tutorials are a great starting point. Also, be sure you create a SolidWorks account (if you have not already done so) and take advantage of the MySolidworks.com help files.


                Do not limit the techniques you learn from the tutorials to only being used for that particular item. Look around your room and model anything you choose.


                Depending on where you are located, try to find a SolidWorks User Group nearby. You can find listings for them in the Solidworks resources tab. Navigate down and click on "User Groups". They do not cost anything other than your time to attend and they are normally made up a collection of SW Geeks who enjoy sharing/learning from one another.

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                  Rick Becker

                  Adam Tasker wrote:

                  Totally new beginner.. ... so maybe some new ways of learning?


                  Adam. If you can swing it there is Nothing  better for the true beginner than taking the Essentials Class at you local VAR (Value Added Reseller) or where you bought the software.

                  It is a 4 day class.

                  Hands-down the quickest way to get going.


                  SOLIDWORKS Courses | Training | SOLIDWORKS



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                    William McFaul

                    I would try building some thing your interested in like a bicycle or skateboard, something challenging, yet not overwhelming. You don't want to get frustrated or over whelmed too much with you first project, because believe me there will be times you will not like the amount of effort and dedication it takes to take on larger scale more precise projects. Heck even grab something from your house, break out your calipers, and see if you can re-create it using SolidWorks. You will be slow at first, very slow. It could take days to do a project you would be expected to have complete with drawings, and dxfs/IGES within a hour or two on the job. (If your lucky) After you get your toaster made or whatever. try running some simulations on it, and creating BOM's ect. It will impress your first boss, and you can bargain for more money, when they don't have to spend a year or two getting you up to speed with everyone else. Not to mention the avoided rookie mistakes that can lead to low self confidence in front of your peers. If you come over something you cant figure out... (and yes you should try on your own first) Then ask for help.

                    Good luck, and I hope you can finish school.

                    In my freshman class there were 173 kids... 30 of us graduated, and today I would estimate less than 10 actually are still working Mechanical Engineers.