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weldments profile not changing in configuration

Question asked by Vinny Barbati on Mar 12, 2018



I am trying to create three different configuration with three different style of weldment profile

I've decided on using one 3D sketch path and configure different profile selection to be used in specific configuration

Now here is the confusing part.  Structural member resizes accordingly, but profile design features does not change for some reason.


vvvvv this is was I want to achieve. profile sketch changing according to configuration

what i want.JPG

vvvvv this image below is what I am getting. same profile design only getting wider

dont want.JPG


first image(working) is when I make the weldments 3 separate feature,  second image(not working) is when I make one weldment with 3 different configuration.


I hope these are enough information to hear back from you guys


Thank you.