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How to copy legacy data from epdm to server?

Question asked by Ignacio Vital on Mar 12, 2018

Hi all!


I have a big problem, in my company we have EPDM, and we have a little mess with all of our legacy archives, because we didn't know how to use it in a good way.


We have a lot of assemblies with the same parts and I don't know how to backup each assembly easily. Then, we want to backup all of our legacy data in our server, to delete all of this and start again with more care.


For example:


My assembly 07324480-Z has 1 part in version 80/272 and my assembly 07324481-Z has the same part in version 82/272. The difference between both assemblies is new configurations, but sometimes it has new features which we didn't control with the Suppress new features checkbox, so we had a big mess.


I want to do a copy tree, where each assembly with its parts it is saved independient for the other assemblies with theirs respective parts. We had no problem with hard drive in our server to do this, but it will be a lot of work if we had to do manually.


Have we to copy tree each assembly with its tree for each of our data? Do you know another way to achieve this?


Thank for your responses.