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Powerinspect export to Solidworks

Question asked by Jorge Roman on Mar 12, 2018

Hello everyone

I'm new to here.


I need your help. I am working with a Articulated Arm Portable (Cimcore Romer Infinite 2.0) which use Delcam's PowerInspect software (2010 R2). Our main requirement is to reverse engineering.


I have a problem when I export the .igs file to solidworks from Powerinspect. Solidworks open the file correctly but after run "Import diagnostics" solidworks show the surface imported like a empty plane and I am working with a slotted plane. I need to know why the slots aren't showing when I open the file in solidwork.


Can you help me please? Thank you so much!


Powerinspect 2010 R2

Solidworks 2013