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Building a new PC

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by Valentin Leung
Dear All,

I need to spec out a computer for a new comer and wanted some feedback from you guys to keep cost lower.

First, what is the advantage of a FX4600 over a FX1700. We work with some 4600 in our office, but I would not mind lowering this spec to get more power elsewhere... Is it just like games? ie, I move the model around and the FX1700 will be slower than the 4600?

Dunno if it's the right place to talk about that, is there anybody who tried to softmod a 8800 series in quadro? does the hack get performance improvements in SW? I know that DirectX presents improvements, but was told that OpenGL don't.

Our workload is 70% of design/drawing, 20% of simulation, 10% of 2D drafting. Does the difference of price between a 2 core cpu 3.0GHz and a 4 core cpu 2.5GHz worth it? As I know that SW is purely monothreaded... I was thinking if I should throw away so much money in the cpu.

Last thing, I don't mind going SSDs (I found that the speed increase difference worth the price), is there any feedback about using SSD in Solidworks? I will have large amount of RAM (8GB) but still, windows page a lot of data...

Thanks for the input.