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moving particular plane down in design tree

Question asked by Maurits De Wolff on Mar 11, 2018
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I followed the wrong path in building 2 hinged parts onto a structure.


The one plane with the forked cut out (Plane5_gaffel_uitsnede) should move down the design tree. Because then it would cut both forks cleanly. Am I correct here?


How do I achieve this? I want as clean as possible design tree. No suppressed features or planes.


I tried adding a new plane to the end of the design tree and copying down the existing sketch onto it. Then make a new cut from the sketch and suppressing the old plane. Features start disappearing when I do that. How can I reshuffle my design tree?


I'm using SW-2016 and I build the structure with custom made pipe sizes (4" and 2.5"). I'm not sure this will show properly.