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    Exporting FlowWorks result to E drawing

    Deepak Gupta
      Can the FlowWorks result be exported or saved as E drawing file similar to ComosWorks. I'm running FlowWorks 2007.
        • Exporting FlowWorks result to E drawing
          Brian Robinson
          Hi Deepak,

          In SolidWorks 2009 Flow Simulation the command is Flow Simulation - Results - Image - Save Image - Save As eDrawings. Perhaps FlowWorks has something similar.

          One thing I find is that I am having a hard time creating eDrawings of flow trajectories and wonder what could possibly be the problem. I created flow trajectories of different areas of the aircraft and saved them as eDrawings. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to create these files which range between 600 and 8,000 KB in size. For some reason, I cannot create the e-drawing around the tail wing. After about an hour the 64-bit PC is still churning away. I was wondering if there a way to create 3D pdf files instead.

          Peter Ferreira
          • Exporting FlowWorks result to E drawing
            Deepak Gupta
            Thanks Brian, I will check and update you.