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    Stl and Iges Import

    Phillip Laplante



      I have an stl and an iges file that both don't seem to import into Solidworks well.  The stl ends up having 182 gaps between the imported surfaces so it ends up not making a solid. 


      The iges gives me the error "unable to read IGES file. File was truncated or contains invalid data."  however that doesn't seem correct because I can open the file in Creo or Inventor just fine (I do not know those software packages enough to be able to edit the file). 


      Am I doing something wrong to import either of these files?

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          Paul Salvador

          Hello Phillip... yeah, this data seems to be from a looser ..CAD-SYSTEM: EUKLID    2004.3?

          so,... I can get the IGES in via Rhino3D and saveas IGES and re-import.. but it still needs work  (the STEP file is not coming in well for me.. .but maybe I missed something?)

          tx 2.png                          

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            J. Mather

            Well, I have to dig into this one more deeply when I can find time, but I cheated -


            I used Autodesk Inventor with a new technique that I had never heard of or tried before.

            After spending a bit of time, I think I found the missing (or poorly trimmed) surface gap.

            Inventor has a tool that I will call Flood Fill (actually called Sculpt) that will fill an enclosed set of surfaces even if they are not cleanly trimmed boundaries as long as there are no gaps and can form an enclosed envelop.

            I got the massively ingenious idea of creating a simple Extruded surface cylinder and move it around the suspect area and then try to "Flood Fill".  I was astonished how easily this this technique worked.  Now I just need to find a similar workflow in SolidWorks.  I might be able to get an entire paper (or two) for publication out of this technique.