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Is there a standard for using the Item number system and the Find number system in assemblies

Question asked by Miguel Loya on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by Matthew Lorono

I am trying to make a standard that my students can follow. But my boss thinks that I should stick to the DOD and MIL-SPEC standard or at least close to it. But in my tenure as a draftsman I never had to use DOD or MIL_SPEC for assemblies which is the Item number system. Apparently I have only used the Find number system. It very easy to use and to understand. The DOD standard, although I consider it Top of the Line way to make assembly drawings, I am not familiar with it. I mean what are the chances that all of my students will be using the DOD standard after they graduate from this program? So, I feel that my boss can teach them the DOD style and I can teach the simple style of assembly drawings. Now my only dilemma is that i need to find a manual that would help me separate these two and by the book. thanks