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    Cannot Re-dock Standard Toolbar

    Grant Kirkland

      My "standard" toolbar has magically moved upon opening SW this morning. I've hit ever customization and dragged every menu tab I can find - no luck.


      Any ideas?


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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Grant,


          The Standard toolbar has not moved. That area where those buttons are by default is called the "menu bar" as described in this help topic: 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Menu Bar

          You cannot dock an entire toolbar there, but you can put buttons there by using Tools, Customize, Commands. The default setup has a combination of flyout toolbar buttons and regular toolbar buttons there.


          However, if those buttons have disappeared without you doing anything, then your Microsoft registry where all the SOLIDWORKS settings/user interface definition is stored probably got "damaged' somehow. And if that is the case, there will likely be more problems than just those buttons being missing. Do you have a backup of your settings that you saved using the Copy Settings Wizard? If so, restoring from that is the best course of action.