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    Deleting personal data, impossible. Contacting Solidworks, impossible.

    Aivan Paska

      I was about to try Solidworks, but unfortunately it did not work at Win10 64bit, even with hotfix.. After free trial installation, I have received mails from Solidworks. Now I have tried to delete my personal data from Solid works, but again no chance, Only error "Email Address is incorrect(SBL-EXL-00151) Error line: 131(SBL-EXL-00151)". But for some reason, I am able to edit my communication preferences with that email.. Is this software really working..? I'm not very convinced. And to get support directly from Solidworks, not possible.


      I have to say that I am a bit of pissed off.

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          Rick Becker


          There is no reason to be pissed off. Different companies and different software do things differently. You just need to learn how SolidWorks accomplishes the goal (whatever the goal is).


          First off, yes SolidWorks works for way over 2 million users. I can personally attest that SolidWorks accomplishes my goals efficiently and correctly.


          Secondly, you purchase SolidWorks thru a VAR (Value Added Reseller) and you get software support thru the same VAR you purchased from. This works very well. In fact it works much better that having one central call center to handle support direct. Thru the VAR system we have competition. There is nothing that improves service and quality then competition.


          Thirdly, if getting emails upset you and you can't remove yourself from the list, please blacklist the next email, just delete them and don't get upset or mark it as SPAM and you email will automatically delete them. (I don't like to mark as SPAM because some email providers (I'm looking at you Yahoo) will mark as SPAM, for all email users across their whole system, if too many users mark as SPAM)


          Aivan, please feel free to come here and ask any SolidWorks question you may have. Please just realize that the answers will come from Users, not SolidWorks. This is a User Forum, not a support forum.


          Have a great day.