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    Axi-symmetric Thermal Conduction help!

    John Andrews
      I am a former Cosmos M and Ansys user...In cosmos M (the parent of solidworks simulator), I was able to use a 2-D axi-symmetric shell element defined about the Y-axis. Since I deal with vessels and objects that are axi-symmetric a lot, this is important for me to learn.

      Basically, I have created a series of planar surfaces (all on the same plane). I can also mesh them, assign temp loads etc. What I can't do yet is specify the elements as not just shell, but axi-symmetric shell. Anyone know how to do this? Or is Solidworks Simulation not capable of such a problem?

      What is shown is the top of a pressure vessel (hemi-shperical head) with half-pipe cooling coils on the OD. Anythoguhts or potential sample problem resource list would be nice for a new user like me.....

        • Axi-symmetric Thermal Conduction help!
          Anthony Botting
          Neither Axi-symmetric nor Plane strain (nor plane stress) are supported in Simulation. I have been requesting these functions for many years. More enhancement requests from users such as yourself help push it up the list to get added to the software. Your best bet is to use SolidWorks to create geometry and take it to COSMOSM GeoSTAR.