John Andrews

Axi-symmetric Thermal Conduction help!

Discussion created by John Andrews on Feb 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by Anthony Botting
I am a former Cosmos M and Ansys user...In cosmos M (the parent of solidworks simulator), I was able to use a 2-D axi-symmetric shell element defined about the Y-axis. Since I deal with vessels and objects that are axi-symmetric a lot, this is important for me to learn.

Basically, I have created a series of planar surfaces (all on the same plane). I can also mesh them, assign temp loads etc. What I can't do yet is specify the elements as not just shell, but axi-symmetric shell. Anyone know how to do this? Or is Solidworks Simulation not capable of such a problem?

What is shown is the top of a pressure vessel (hemi-shperical head) with half-pipe cooling coils on the OD. Anythoguhts or potential sample problem resource list would be nice for a new user like me.....