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selection in closed contour

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Craig Schultz

Recently upgraded from 2015 to 2017 and I'm continually frustrated with the interface and functionality changes.


Is there any why to turnoff the automatic "closed contour" area highlighting in a sketch?

Once it finds a closed area SW highlights it but makes it difficult to select sketch entities inside of the closed contour.  Sometimes I have to rotate the model.  (most likely a driver issue.)  But the biggest problem is it's seems impossible to select several items with a crossing window.  Why am I limited to selecting items one at a time.


I use to keep sketches simple which helped the extrude tool.  Then SW allowed us to make more complex sketches with better selection of areas for the extrude features.  Now I have to go back to simpler sketches because the sketch selection tools no longer work as expected.  Does anyone at SW actually try the software?


The overall usability and friendliness of SW which I use to love is going downhill.  I spend more time in this version trying to figure out what SW is expecting and how to out think it then I do thinking about my part.  I want 2015 or an earlier version  back!

(I like to think I'm an experienced user.  I used SW every day modeling machine parts for 12 years.)