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Cropped view display problems

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Britt Kessler

I have to work with 2d drawings of customers machines on which we hang our equipment.

The drawings are usually dwg/dxf and I edit them down to show just the area of the machine I need - but they are still quite complex.


I'm running into performance and display issues when this geometry is shown in my drawings, when the view is cropped.


First issue is after cropping the view the sketch geometry is shown thicker on my screen for no reason I understand.

Not cropped:

crop not view.png



It is more obvious on my screen where the views are side by side...

crop thicker.png


Next issue is beyond a certain zoom level the sketch geometry vanishes, which is causing me difficulty. The less complex sketches remain visible.

crop view zoomed.png

There is no such display issue when the view is not cropped.

The work round I have is to finish what I'm dong with the view dragged off sheet and then crop it when finished.

But this is design, and what is finished ends up needing more work so its a bit of a pain.

I am still running SW pro 2016 SP5, K2200 on the latest approved driver for win10x64.

I wonder if there is any improvement in later versions?