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    sketch trim - how to trim a "converted" curve that doesn't want to be trimmed?

    Corey Dickman

      How come you can use "convert entities" to project just about any edge onto a sketch plane and then trim it or split it, but other times there are geometry, when "converted",  the trim or split command doesn't work at all?  When I try to trim, it doesn't do anything (no error message...nothin') and when I try to split, I get the following error message:

      "The selected entity is not available"...Why the h#ll not!?!?  My work-around is to make another sketch on the same plane and just "convert" the previous sketch, then trim what I needed to trim in the first place...how Mickey Mouse is that?  This is really frustrating...I am using SW 2018 so could this be a bug?  Sorry, I can't share the part due to restrictions.  I'll try to re-create in a generic demo part but in the meantime, has anyone else run into the same problem?