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    Drawing name won't use data card variables

    Michael Knott

      Hello all,


      I'm trying to set up a PDM task to export a DWG drawing. I want it to take the part number, revision, and description from the data card, and save it in the format of "PartNo_Rev Description.dwg". In the task, it is set up to use the variables, but the only output I get is "_A .dwg". On the data card, I can see the part number, rev, and description fields are all filled out. Even when I open the drawing in Solidworks, the custom properties are also filled out correctly.


      I have a separate task set up the same way, but to export a STEP file from a part. It is a literal copy of the DWG task. It works perfectly every time. So I know the variables are set correctly. Is there a value that isn't linking to the part correctly? The revision number is populating on the DWG file name, but the part number and description are not.


      Any ideas?