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    Can a balloon in a note be linked to a  separate drawing BOM?

    Kevin Casey

      I have a drawing that references a part (virtual) in another drawing on the BOM. I would like to have a note in the first drawing, with a linked balloon, to the second drawing's BOM.


      The idea being that if the item # of the virtual part in the BOM of the second drawing changes, that the balloon in the note on the first drawing will update.


      Is this possible?





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          Matt Peneguy

          For something like this I'd first try a two sheet drawing file.  Then if you link to the BOM on the other sheet, it should update.

          Do you have a 1 sheet per drawing file requirement where you work?

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              Kevin Casey

              No, there is no sheet limit. The separate drawings are part of our production requirements and the grouping of parts is for BOM management. We also have a intricate part numbering system.


              An example, there is a front bezel assembly: parts, assembly and drawing; there is a chassis assembly: parts, assembly and drawing; and then there is a final (which has the front & chassis) assembly: parts, assembly and drawing.


              The BOM for the final has wire harnesses as virtual parts with their specific Item #s. The harnesses are not shown in any of the drawings, just as a line schematic on a separate sheet. The harnesses interconnect the assembly components, there a about 15 harnesses in a small system, so it gets cluttered quickly.


              The assembly instructions for the people on the floor need to reference specific harnesses that they are going to need at this point of the process and then a drawing or two later. I would like to only have one set of Item #s for the harnesses set to avoid a double order, that is why they are grouped in the final assembly.


              I have though of placing virtual parts in the front assembly and then excluding them from the front assemblies BOM, but if the item # on the final BOM changes I am back at the manual process I am using now. We work in R&D and changes happen a lot, updating possibly 3 virtual parts could pose problems.


              Any ideas?