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    material library

    Kalpesh Patel

      Hello Guys,


      Is there any material database resources that i can use in SoildWorks library?




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          Dennis Dohogne

          The only thing I have found so far that is free is this:  SolidWorks Customization ~ SolidWorks Legion

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            Chris Saller

            Thanks guys!

            I'm trying to find time to update it this year.

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              Christopher Estelow

              It's not free but Matweb has a material library that comes with a $99.95/year subscription.



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                Tom Gagnon

                I also found another material database website called Total Materia , claiming boastfully to be the largest and most comprehensive. No, I don't believe overblown website marketing speak that tends towards unqualified superlatives. I signed up for a trial account there, though I could not find any terms of cost or trial duration or limitations or much detail. This is referenced here for your further options, not particularly as a personal recommendation.


                However, it does have a decent Cross-reference table for equivalent materials, in addition to the material properties.


                In broad generality to this site as well as others, I cannot distinguish - in my novice experience and attempts to learn - whether 90 listed items are all indeed the same thing described by different people in different companies in different countries with different standards, or if there are real distinctions between series named differently within one sample standard. While I do realize that all these people and companies and countries and standards have their own say-so on what they do and how they do it and what it is called, this broad ambiguation does NOT help someone learn, let alone rely confidently on the chosen data to accept among dozens of choices and options.


                I am TRYING patiently to learn materials to accurately adapt my designs for static analysis simulation analysis. The inevitable diversity of the world is not helping me to do so. Meh. Sorry for venting. I'm not even certain that I'm using the correct terminology.


                I may as well ask, where do you find easy to use material listings, or a place to actually learn what's what and what matters to my industry? The incredible variety is boggling when I do not need to be so specific when ordering pipe or fittings in that material, nor in my approved drawings to clients. I'd even accept one which either allows a locality filter or one which exclusively describes the materials as I am able to buy them.


                Matweb appears to be the best, and I can find appropriate information without paying for a subscription. I just apply it manually instead of having it exported as customized for my use in SWx. Am I right?