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Graphics issues with new Precision 5520

Question asked by Matthew Hartman on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Matthew Hartman

I'm having all sorts of graphical issues in SolidWorks Composer 2018 (trial-version) on a brand-spanking new Precision 5520 with an NVIDIA Quadro M1200.


I've updated the drivers to the latest (ver. and even though tests all show as passed, selection of actors, (sub)assemblies, callouts and BOM tables often jacks up my viewport and the views that I have managed to save. In addition, the entire interface gets fuzzy, as well, when running some functions and operations and lags severely. I see the latest "certified driver" is version 377.11 via the SolidWorks support page. Do I roll-back to this or is there a larger problem to address here?