Kyle Gudmunson

Using CircuitWorks in both 2008 and 2009?

Discussion created by Kyle Gudmunson on Feb 9, 2009
I'm having some trouble running CircuitWorks under 2008 SP5 since I installed 2009 SP2. This is all on XP x64.

Long story short, I work at a product development company where moving between releases is driven entirely by our clients. We're almost always running at least two releases, in this case we're running 2008 and getting ready to roll out 2009. We will be running both, depending on the project, for the foreseeable future.

CircuitWorks runs fine under 2009 SP2. When I try to launch it under 2008 SP5, nothing happens. It worked fine before installing 2009.

I'm assuming it's a version issue. Going to About CircuitWorks under 2009 gives me Version 10 SP 4.0 Build 332

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Ideally I'd like to be able to run CW under both. I'd settle for 2008 only at the moment.