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    Overlapping in simulation study

    Teun Keusters

      Hi guys,

      I have a problem with a simulation study. I am trying to simulate a vacuum. An image of the cross section of my model:


      However, for the deformed result the model overlaps itself:

      Of course, this is not how it would look like in real life. Does anyone have an idea how to make sure that the part does not overlap?




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          Julien Boissat

          Hi Teun,

          I don't know the details of your setup, so forgive me if some of my remarks do not apply.

          1. From looking at the undeformed model, I anticipate some nonlinearities in your model (stress-stiffening, large displacement, more?). You should be running a nonlinear study and not a static study
          2. Another reason for using a nonlinear study is that you want the applied normal pressure to update with the deflection of the model. This is an option in available nonlinear studies only.
          3. Whenever you want to assess whether deformed components interfere or not, you should look at the deformed model at true scale. Is it the case?
          4. Did you make sure to define no Penetration contact between the faces you think may get in contact?