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Hole series

Discussion created by Rob Jeanjaquet on Feb 9, 2009
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I have read many helpful posts on this subject so this is an observation as well as a question. Thanks for the help past and in the future.
I have just worked with my first hole series consisting of a plate with a tapped hole and a counter bore that holds a roller. These are all patterend with a derived pattern and work nicely when changing # of instances. The smart fasteners pattern
as well. The only glitch is when I change the tapped hole size on the plate. The hole sizes will not update automatically even though auto size is selected. The fasteners and clearance hole in roller will update if I click on the tabs and "refresh" each setting along with unchecking and rechecking add fasteners box. Updating the pattern of the smart fasteners does require reselecting the original. This is not a bad work around that I could live with considering the amount of time saved if doing manually, but I was wondering if theres a little step I am missing.

Rob Jeanjaquet
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