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Having difficulty with "Solid" model not being "solid"

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by William McFaul

I am experiencing difficulty with a "solid" model not being a "solid".  I have had this issue with it's parent part and with the help of this forum (the people in here), was up and running.  After checking the settings in the options, I still have my SolidWorks configured the way it is supposed to be configured, in regards to "File Format" ---> Inventor/Catia V5/ etc....  as well as "Items to read from 3rd Party CAD Files".


I had the same issues with the mating component and with your help, was able to edit the components of the assembly.  Now, I am experiencing the same problem with this component, whereas the model is HOLLOW and I am unable to edit or modify any of the features on it (Surface-Imported).

Can someone assist me in making this model a solid again?

Thank you.