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Steel Profiles and Weldments

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

OK - this is a two parter....


1) I have all of my steel profiles loaded. I can see all of the ones I want if I am performing a weldment. However, I used to be able to go to "Tools" and then choose one op the options that would simply allow me to insert a sketch of the profiles...which would allow me to do whatever I wanted with the profile (extrude, cut, etc....)


I no longer have that option under "Tools", nor is it under "Tools/Toolbox"...How can I get it back there??


2) Our drawings are named based off of the configuration name we use (mainly because we may have multiple configurations for the same original part number). Since I couldn't access the steel profiles (mentioned in #1 above), I crated a part as a weldment. This was a simple L3x3x1/4 @ 6" long  then I added a couple of holes and what-not.

I changed the configuration name to the part number, as I always do, but it has added <As Machined> at the end of the configuration name. Unfortunately, this also shows up in my drawing name:

How can I get rid of this?