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Solidworks 2018 CAM Error 105

Question asked by Ian Kuipers on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Zavie Kucer

I'm trying to generate a set of 3 axis toolpaths for a simple 3D surface using Solidworks 2018 CAM.


The process I've used is as follows:

1. Choose 3axis Milling Machine, Set up Stock in the Stock Manager, Choose my work Coordinate System

2. Create a new Mill Setup, choosing the XY Plane as the associated entity.

3. Create a new multi-surface feature for that setup, Feature Type -> All Displayed, Strategy -> Area Clearance, Z Level

4. Generate Operation Plan for the Multi-Surface Feature which makes an Area Clearance Mill OP and a Z Level Mill OP

5. Generate Toolpaths for the above Mill Operations which results in an Error 105 for the Area Clearance OP: "Error 105: 3 Axis toolpath not generated because of an internal error."


I've found no documentation on this error code as of yet and would be thankful for any information or ideas.


Alternately for step 4 above I've tried manually creating the 3 Axis Mill Operations; I've also tried changing the settings on the area clearance type from Pocket Out to Lace to Pocket In-Core, but to no avail.