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Addin not working with internet connection

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Jacob Corder

Hi there,


I am having a strange experience with an addinn which is running all the time without any problems behave 'the normal' debug issues as expected.

Now the addin will not run anymore when the internet connection on the computer is active.

When I switch the connection off, the addin runs normal.

I've tried to block SolidWorks' internet acces without any difference.

Running the standalone version of the program is no problem either, it runs normal as always, with or without internet connection.

I've did a SolidWorks repair before I discovered the internet connection relation, indeed doesn't make sense.

I removed and replaced the registry entry from the addinn several times also with no difference.

I go back to earlier versions of the addin, also with no difference.

I can't find a specific entry from the addin in the firewall settings that I can block, does anyone know if that is possible?

I did not program any internet acces in the addin by the way.


Anyone any idea what is going on here?