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    Clean Up Aneurysm Model

    Bryant Green

      Hello all,


      I have a CT scan of an aneurysm model that I've turned into an STL file and uploaded to SolidWorks, but I can't figure out how to "clean up" the model.  The file is too large to upload, but I've attached photos (sorry for quality, computer is being picky and won't let me screenshot, so these are taken on my phone). The CT picked up many small pieces outside of the actual aneurysm vasculature. I was curious of three things: First, I wanted to know if there was a simple way to  clean up all of the "floaties" around the model.  Second, I wnt to "cut off" the ends of the model where you can see the plastic plugs, so that it appears as open vasculature.  Third, if you look closely, you'll see a very small partition between the two halves of the model.  This is because the CT machine couldn't read the entire model in one scan, and two scans resulted in this small partition.  I was wondering if there was a way to connect these two halves (even if it is fairly rudimentary).


      Any help would be appreciated, as I'm relatively new to SolidWorks modeling.



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          Alan Bumbaugh



          I do not know how much this will help, just some ideas to try.

          1. If you drag a selection window from left to right SW will highlight only complete entities which you should then be able to delete. I contrast dragging the selection window for right to left select everything the box touches.
          2. To reconnect I might try to save in multiple files, then delete all except one of the features, then re-insert each feature into a new file, or assembly.
          3. If these features are tubular, just cutting off the ends should show as hollow.  If this is a solid there may be great difficulty in achieving your goal, my first thought would be to try a shell, but I doubt that it will work due to the surface irregularities.

          Hope this helps some.


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            Paul Salvador

            Hello Bryant.. my first look/thought.. the content looks extreme and imho, not something you should be working in in SolidWorks.

            It would be advised you edit, merge. reduce and cleanup the data in another software package (modo, blender,..) which better handles polymesh data... and possible convert it to a manageable nurbs surface.

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              Artem Taturevych

              SolidWorks has two options importing STL:

              • Importing graphics only (not editable). Most likely this is the option you have used.
              • Importing editable geometry



              The first option allows importing of large model with a good performance. Second option has limitations on the number of triangles and even if your model is within the limit the performance would be extremely slow. Please note in this case all of the triangles will be imported as individual faces.


              Alternatively you might look into the ScanTo3D SolidWorks plugin which might help to bring better quality of editable geometry.


              Also you can pre-process your STL in 3rd party STL editing applications like MeshLab.