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Slot dimensions breaking on rebuild

Question asked by Adam Baker on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

Running into a recurring issue that I'm hoping someone can help me resolve.


I am working on an assembly drawing where I am entering liner dimension for slot locations, base off of the assembly edge and a center point in each slot. I have a problem where when either rebuilding the drawing, or checking the drawing into our PDM vault, the location dimensions break, as shown in the attached image.


Slots are sometimes automatically created upon drawing creation and some are manually created. Slots are created using the slot tool in the sketches.


This is a very frustrating issue and something I'm hoping can be resolved. It doesn't happen every time, and as seen in the image, it doesn't happen w/ all the slots. Some times I can delete the dims and recreate them and not have an issue, and other times, such as the one in the image attached, I can delete the dims, rebuild, and the break again. The only option I've been able to use is to select the midpoint on the slots, but i don't like doing it just b/c it takes more time & mouse clicks to accomplish.