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Solidworks Flow simualtion for studying a cooling process in a ceramic load

Question asked by João Martins on Mar 6, 2018

Good Morning


I'm an engineering student and I'm using Solidworks for my thesis project.


The Goal is to control the temperature rates in different locations of a ceramic load in a electric kiln during cooling.

So far I'm having trouble to understand how can i control the temperature of the air surrounding the load.

I started with an internal analysis but this turned out to be impossible due to the unavailability of setting boundary conditions in the faces in contact with the computational domain.


So I've changed it to external and putted a temperature dependency with physical time.  the dependency follows a certain rate imposed by the kiln and this is an approximation, i'm saying that the temperature at the face in contact with the air in the chamber variate the same way.


But the problem is that when I set this up and all the radiative parameters and solid parameters etc it seems that the temperature on the faces does not follow the curve.

My Question is:


If i select a fluid subdomain and if I impose that these subdomain have a temperature time dependant curve it should follow that curve right ? and the calculator should do the cooling simulation for my right?


Do you know any other way of simulation cooling in these type of problems ?