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Mechanism works in Physical Dynamics, but not in Motion Analysis?

Question asked by Vianney Renata on Mar 5, 2018

Hi! I am trying to figure out how to make my mechanism works in Motion Analysis. It works when I tried to move the components via Physical Dynamics, but when I tried the following in Motion Analysis:

1. Set the big disc as the motor.

2. Set solid body contact between the disc and the slot.

It's either: doesn't move at all, the pin wasn't in contact with the slot (hence weird motion).


I tried to separate the two mechanism (the Double Dwell Scotch Yoke Mechanism and the Link-Bar Mechanism), and both works fine.


But it doesn't when I combine it. The disc should rotate, and when it is in contact with the slot, it pushes the slot down. Pushing the slot down will push the link at the link mechanism down, thus closing the "mouth". I was wondering if it is a mating problem? If so, what can I do with the mates to make it work? I've been stuck with this problem for the past two days so any help would be greatly appreciated!


I uploaded my parts and the assembly if anyone would like to check, and attached the individual Scotch Yoke mechanism that works in Motion Analysis.


edit: for the whole assembly, it seems the problem lies on the mating of the pin and slot. But I couldn't figure out what should I do.