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CSWP (Segment 3) Test inconsistent with models given

Question asked by Timothy Wolfe on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Michael Puckett

I took segment 3 of the CSWP Exam using SolidWorks 2015. On question 3 (which affects subsequent questions), it appears as if the models provided do not correspond with the test that was issued to me. The size of the parts were such that it was impossible to make my model views look like the views in the test questions. I believe the problem may in the base part, particularly in feature (Move Face 3). It appears as if this feature is adjusted to customize individual tests, but my model was inconsistent with the test provided. I was curious if anyone else noticed the problem and if it has been brought to the attention of Dassault Systemes. For the sake of the integrity of the test, I will leave out additional details for now.