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How to Convert a Part with a Split Line Feature to Sheet Metal?

Question asked by Isabel Gruenhagen on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Isabel Gruenhagen

See screencap for reference... this model is to be comprised primarily of two pieces of sheet metal -- the yellow face we see along with the four sides, and the back face we can't see (We won't get in to that inner "frame").  The face we see has a split line rectangle, denoting a line to be etched on the laser.  This is something we do all the time -- what's different and new to me is the modeling method.  We began modeling things as multibody parts, then splitting them out into unique parts.  Unfortunately it seems that to access a flat pattern, once I've saved the individual bodies out, I have to delete the sheet metal feature from the tree and then convert the part to sheet metal.  When doing this, I don't see a way to select the face on the 'inside' of the split line.  Executing the feature then eliminates that entire interior zone.  How do I go about achieving the result I want?


Thanks all!