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drw rev from title block to database

Question asked by Jason Ebersole on Feb 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by Jason Ebersole
I'm realizing this drw rev thing is going to be a bit tricky through implementation.

It looks like the sw pdm data card is pulling the revision from our drw title blocks when I check a sw drw into the vault for the first time, but when I revision a drw for the first time by running it through a workflow (the default workflow for instance), it always revs to "A" regardless of what the rev is on the drw. If I rev it again via the same workflow, it goes to "B" and this does get pushed to the drw titleblock.

For implementation of our existing drws, how do I get pdm to read existing titleblock revs and then use this moving forward? Is this documented anywhere?

Thanks, Jason