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    drw rev from title block to database

    Jason Ebersole
      I'm realizing this drw rev thing is going to be a bit tricky through implementation.

      It looks like the sw pdm data card is pulling the revision from our drw title blocks when I check a sw drw into the vault for the first time, but when I revision a drw for the first time by running it through a workflow (the default workflow for instance), it always revs to "A" regardless of what the rev is on the drw. If I rev it again via the same workflow, it goes to "B" and this does get pushed to the drw titleblock.

      For implementation of our existing drws, how do I get pdm to read existing titleblock revs and then use this moving forward? Is this documented anywhere?

      Thanks, Jason
        • drw rev from title block to database
          Glenn Douglas
          Enterprise controls the revision and does overwrite the drawing. This has caused a few problems when people do not push files through the workflow.

          I'd suggest contact you VAR. When we moved from WorkGroup to Enterprise there was quite a bit of migration that needed to be done to get our files into the correct workflow and read the revisions.
            • drw rev from title block to database
              Jason Ebersole
              I know the VARs and/or SW official "implementors" (like Razorleaf) can help with this, but while I'm still in testing phase, I thought I'd take a stab at it.

              I figure it might be as simple as populating the proper db field with what ever is on the drawing, and then making sure you have a revision numbering scheme in place in PDM that reflects what you want moving forward.

              Has anyone tried this one their own? I'm going to start digging in, so any info would be appreciated.

              Thanks, Jason
            • drw rev from title block to database
              Amit Chen

              What we did was comparing the PDM revision to the drawing one by using increment revision.
              1. we have part and drawing rev B - so in the title block it was indicate B and in the file property it was B.
              2. when saving it to the vault the card show Rev B although PDM rev was nothing.
              3. We RMB the file and used the increment revision twice now the PDM revision was B and we can start the workflow.
              Glenn is right using PDMWW 2 PDMWE migration tool can help with this issue but if you don't have PDMW vault it's going to be strenuous work

              Let me know if I wasn't 100% clear.
              • drw rev from title block to database
                If you're familiar with .NET and SQL, I'll send you my add-in that accomplishes what you're looking for. It uses a stored procedure to update the revision to that of the part upon the initial checkin (when the file is added to the vault for the first time). You're going to have to manually change some code to reflect your environment, but it works. Email me. (lyoung@jetiprinters.com)
                • drw rev from title block to database
                  Jeff Walters
                  If you are not doing the implementation you're self I would talk to the person who is. There are a number of migration tools available to handle problems just like this.