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Update Version of assembly

Question asked by John Wayman on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Steve Calvert

We have moved to version 2017, SP5, and all is working well. Almost all, that is...

I am working with one particular assembly that is extremely slow.

This assembly and all its parts are Released in Workgroup PDM, so, when I want to make a change to any part of it, I need to take ownership and change its lifecycle status to 'Change In Progress'. Alternatively, I can login to Workgroup PDM as admin and crash the changes through!

I believe the reason this assembly is so slow is that most of its components are version 2016, and will be upgraded to 2017 when they are saved.


I thought I could run the Update & Save task in #Task and all my problems would be solved. Not so. The #Task job runs, but returns an error for every file, because they are Read-Only. I set my login to admin in Workgroup PDM and re-ran the task. Still the same.


What is the correct way to update the contents of my vault, or even a single assembly, from 2016 to 2017, considering that many of the parts are Released, and therefore cannot readily be saved?


I suppose I could go through the vault, take ownership of each file I need to update, change its status to Change In Progress, take ownership again, check them all out, run #Task and check them all in again, but that could take days. In addition, each file would be saved at a new version, so all my drawings would change for no reason, from Rev A to Rev A-01. Nobody wants that.


There must be a correct way that is less onerous.