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    wires in assembly

    Ivan Mladenovski



      What is your best recommendation for wires in assembly, it's needed only for render purposes, so it needs to make at least speed impact that possible.
      -Already tried with electrical routing, but it is way to slow even to work with them..


      Thinking of drawing them as parts.. I'm just afraid of lot of waste time, and hard to manipulate them later.


      What are your recommendations?



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          Erik Bilello



          I always had pretty good luck making wires and hoses as virtual parts (or assemblies in the case of harnesses with connectors or hoses with fittings) in the assembly.  Just make a 3D sketch and sweep along it.



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              Ivan Mladenovski

              Hello Erik,


              Thank you very much for you support.


              - That's exactly what I've done. I started drawing them all with 3d sketch and sweep, and it comes out pretty well..


              I remember I have done wires in Inventor right in an assembly, very simple, just mark pins and boom, you have a wire easy to manipulate manually after.

              Thought of something similar here..


              Thanks once again.




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              Dave Bear

              Hi Ivan,


              I agree with what Erik has mentioned above. I just use 3D sketches (splines) and then sweep along them in most cases.

              Here's and example, my distributor cap and ignition leads that I did for my V12 engine.............

              Dizzy Cap.JPG