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Milling and lathing assembled parts...

Discussion created by Checkcheck Master on Feb 8, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by Deepak Gupta
I like to know what's the best way to create a part which existed of two parts screwed to each other, after that the assembly need to be milled on a lathing machine.
Part one is a flange with inner thread mounted on a grease lubricated bearing for a stern shaft for example, the thread connection is locked with Locktite and four locking screws.
The assembly now needs to have groove's on the inner diameter of the bearing with the possibility to came in the flange part as well.
Also i like to have drawings for the rough work on both the flange and the bearing and the final drawing for the machining on the complete assembly.
I my opinion this is possibly with configurations of both parts.
What the best way to fix this ?
- Create a part from the assembly and do the final cut ?
- No assembly and create the whole part in one part and the different states due confurations ?
- Use a 'cutting' part and the feature 'Cavity' on both(all) the parts ?

I doubt about the need to have both parts on my BOM, what are the effects for the given options ?

Please advise me.

Greetings !
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