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Wrong information of configuration at datacard

Question asked by Pdm Admin on Mar 2, 2018

Since a while, I see some strange things in PDM datacards with configurations.

In early versions of PDM I thought that the active configuration has a yellow block in the tab.

But in Solidworks/PDM 2017 it is not clear visible what the active configuration is.


Another thing where I make me more concerned about it, is that the datacard shows wrong information for the first time I click the file.

The information of Config 3 is correct, so Config 1 shows the information of Config 3 at first time select the file.

It look likes that all the files with configurations has the same problem.

I notice now, but I'm not sure the problem was there earlier.


Config 1 Wrong

Config 1 Wrong.png

Config 1 Good

Config 1 Good.png

Config 3 Good

Config 3 Good.png