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Transport heat with thin chopper foil

Question asked by Michael Kuhn on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Ryan Dark

Hello fellow Simulators,


i´d like to know what your thoughts are on project of mine.
I am trying to transport a "small" amount of heat (~ 1 Watt) over a distance of 13mm with a thin chopper foil (Width: 8mm, thickness ~0,2mm).
Using Lambda of chopper (~400 W/mK) it looks like the heat flux going through will be roughly 2 Watts. (deltaT = 40K)


I dont have much experience with thin foils transporting heat. What do i have to consider? Is it even possible to transport heat with thin foils and calculate the flux the same way like if i it´s bulk material?
My calculation is based on stationary heat flux -no dissipation and radiation of the chopper foil . The dissipation will take place at the sink via convection.