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File locations in Electrical & PDM

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Scott Wheeler

I've had little luck searching the forums for answers, so a new thread was required to hopefully establish a better understanding.


We have both Electrical and PDM running, but have not had much luck integrating the two.  My primary confusion lies within the screenshot below.  This is a project I downloaded from SolidWorks Training exercises.  When I unarchive the project I see all the 3D assemblies and part files are placed on the Collaborative Server.  How can I instead place the 3D CAD files within the PDM Vault?  These files need to be within PDM so mechanical engineers can work on them, and cannot exist exclusively on the electrical server.  The CAD files also go through workflows in PDM for release, so they need to be controlled within PDM.