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No drag mode?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

I'm trying to select carefully placed annotations to edit them, and it's difficult to select each item in sequence without accidentally inducing a tiny click-drag which moves the item unintentionally when I only intended to click it.


Is there a no-drag mode, or a similar option which I can toggle as needed, to only take clicks and not click-drag inputs?


I suppose that I could Lock location of every object that I don't want to move, or add relations to a hidden grid, or such. I'm trying to avoid this tedium, both in setup and breaking the Lock when good composition requires moving it. However, I am perpetuating these drawings across multiple documents to express externally similar assemblies with save_as and replace model, so maybe initial tedium will carry over to future iterations.


Workarounds that I've considered which may approximate what I want, if such a setting does not exist:

Selection sets that I can lock and unlock as desired? That adds another thing to alter with changes and composition as new annotations may be added.

Mouse control hackery such as a 3rd party utility which accomplishes an input filter to achieve what I want.

Hiding everything else to make annotation selections simpler, although it'd be more difficult to edit correctly when I can't see what it's connected to.