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SolidWorks Equations - How to delete/reset all equations

Question asked by Adil Amezouak on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Rob Edwards

Hi all,

I have a strange behavior with a part that I created with SolidWorks, the part uses a large number of dimensions linked to global variables for the purpose of shape optimization. This is not the first time I made such a part, and for all the previous times every thing worked properly.


Now, I have created a new model, but for an unknown reason, when I change a global variable and rebuild the document (even with ctrl+Q) the part won't update (no error message or failure just all the dimensions in the part keep the old values). Things work ONLY if I open/edit a sketch in that document and double click on one  of its dimensions, then this sketch updates properly.

I have tried to delete all the dimensions and reimport them from an external file, but nothing worked.


Is there a way to reset the equations to their default state and clear all the data in a SLDPRT document associated to dimensions and equations i.e. like if I had not touched to /Tools/Equations at all ?