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Solidworks Plastics Standard vs Cadmould Essential

Question asked by Richard Gergely on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Richard Gergely

OK here is the thing Cadmould Essential is essentially free if you excuse the pun.


Now I have been using Cadmould essential for a few months now and it's relatively OK, you can get a fair bit of data to make some part and tooling decisions. You can even balance runners in multi-cavity tools - note this is not automated but manual never the less it can be done. Now it's free so you can excuse the odd annoyance in the software. But once you get to know the system it's pretty straight forward and quick.


From what I can see Solidworks plastics standard doesn't do much else other than run native within Solidworks???


So the question is here is there anything to be gained for me to purchase a seat of Solidworks plastics standard? Am I missing something big?