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Why does "Merge Tangent Faces" do funky stuff to my drawing?

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Glenn Schroeder


I'm pretty much a novice. I took some continuing ed classes on solidworks, watched a bunch of videos, and I'm currently doing some of the grunt work at my job while the actual trained engineer does all the tough stuff.


I made a drawing using a simple mock-up of a cable assembly, and while everything else worked out well, I was asked if it was possible to smooth out the "wire" that has some segments showing on the drawing.


The wire basically looks like this: =>--------<=. The left and right sides are slightly different heights to match the housings they ultimately go into, so it's not just a left/right mirror.


The bent portions of the wire were created using a sweep. This segmenting occurs when Merge Tangent Faces within the Sweep is turned OFF. It doesn't hurt anything functionally, but I was asked if it would be possible to remove it just for the sake of appearance in the drawing.


When I attempted to smooth out the segmenting by turning Merge Tangent Faces ON, the wires break within the drawing, looking like spikes. However, it's not just happening on one side. It's happening on the top left, and the bottom right, so it doesn't just seem to be a problem with the spline on one side and not the other.


I've created a stripped-down copy of the part file and an accompanying drawing so that you can see it happening as you toggle Merge Tangent Faces on and off. I've also included a few pictures, in case you don't want to/can't look at the part itself at the moment.


Short version: I'm trying to figure out how to get that smooth appearance without the wire wigging out in the drawing.