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    Importing Mesh models from Rhino CAD

    Jamie Jones



      I'm trying to import Rhino mesh files of vehicles in to SW, I’ve tried lots of different generic CAD formats and also running through the surface and mesh wizards in SW, without any decent results (I am able to bring some of them in, but they look terrible)


      Does anyone have any solution to this please?





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          Chris Dordoni

          No automatic solution unfortunately.


          If you could post one as a mesh, I could try running it through Instant Meshes and Fusion360 to see is a nurbs surface could be created with minimal effort.


          If you need highly accurate result then I think the only options are remodeling completely in SolidWorks. Or, if you have access to DesignX, that would speed up the process.

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            Kevin Quigley

            A bit confused by this thread, probably because I'm viewing on a phone and not downloaded the file to look at it, but, Paul, your SW file shows surfaces not meshes? Did you run these through Scan to 3D?


            First of, if you have Rhino 6 (just released) you can download the Rhino7 WIP builds which include Rhino's own sub d to nurbs technology.


            Rhino WIP 2018-Jan-18 Available Now! - Serengeti - McNeel Forum


            From the little experimenting I've done with the v6 builds this works very well for mesh to nurbs translations.


            Fusion 360 is OK but as Paul noted it does tend to grind to a halt in dense meshes (as does anything built on TSplines). You could try Power Surfacing, an add in for SolidWorks, which will allow import of a mesh and conversion to a sub d (and so nurbs). But that is similar to T Splines with dense meshes.


            I you just want a visual reference SolidWorks Professional and up includes Scan to 3D, with lets you import the mesh file directly into SolidWorks. You can also use this to stitch together surfaces from the data, but we use this just to give us a 3D underlay for new surfaces.

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                Paul Salvador

                Hello Kevin,... yes, those are nurbs surfaces,.. (for you and others reading) I opened the above 3dm file, which are quad meshes,. .exported the quad mesh patches (panels) as *.obj's,...  opened Fusion360,.. do a insert mesh, *.obj.. convert quad mesh to t-splines (subd); convert t-splines to brep (nurbs surface/bodies); and export as step.... then import into SW.


                (btw, I also use "Instant Mesh".. which makes some very nice Quads.)


                Rhino 6,.. yeah, I've played with the beta subd off/on... and I just install the final release last week.. and noticed some of the "unsupported" subd are now gone or does not seem work as well.. SubDFromMesh and QuadMesh?    

                (do you have a good link/example for what/where subd does work within v6?)

                SubD support in v7 wip?,.. ok.. I need to update/buy a license to get access to the v7 WIP


                Fusion360,.. as you saw above, the crash was from one of the converts to brep.. it went down burning at ~12gigs (9 gigs shown above).. and imho.. .not that big or complex a file..  the errors are about the edges failing (invert, degrade)?


                Power Surfacing.. I have not used.. but have seen some videos.. too expensive imho.