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Move old revision PDFs with Dispatch

Question asked by Logan Pegler on Feb 28, 2018

Hi there,


Our PDM workflow exports PDFs, DXFs and STEP files with the format as an example for PDFs:

"%d_filepath%\PDF\%d_filename% - Rev %CurrentRevisionOfFile%.pdf"


So as our files get revised, new files are created and appended with the revision.


Recently we implemented a dispatch script which creates an archive folder and moves the current revision PDF/DXF/STEP to it, before creating the new revision file in the original folder. This allows our manufacturers to browse and see only the latest files they need. However as there are already existing files in the vault that may have not been cleaned up manually prior, this script does not add all earlier revisions to the archive folder.

The dispatch script looks as follows:

With the variables:

It appears that I cannot use a wildcard for specifying files in the Jump and Move/Rename File commands.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can modify the dispatch script to check for any earlier revisions of the files to archive?

Or perhaps there is a more manual approach to check whether there are duplicate files with different revisions in the vault that can be run once? As the script seems fairly robust that the issue shouldn't occur for files going forward.


Kind Regards