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Make drawing from sketch within wrap feature

Question asked by Tyler D. on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Tyler D.

I've designed a plastic part where I made a recess into a cylindrical surface for a label.  I created a sketch that represents the flat 2D label then used the wrap feature to create the recess on the 3D part.


I want to now be able to create a drawing from the original sketch to send to the graphics designer to do the artwork for the label.  If I go to drawings and make that sketch visible, it is the projection of the curved recess on a 2D drawing, but not the original sketch.


I hope that makes sense, the end result is the sketch visible in the drawing is showing a scaled down dimension due to the curvature.  I need an "unwrap" function.


Or is there an easy enough workaround where I should just cut & paste the original sketch to a completely new part, break all external references, and go from there?