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Bulk items in BOM, quantity A/R (as required)

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2021 by Marco Pocoroba

Hello forum,


How do people generally handle bulk items like paint or thread sealant in an assembly BOM?

We would like to have a line-item in the BOM and the quantity to be listed as "A/R" or "As Req'd" or such. We don't need a balloon callout pointing to where in the assembly the sealant is to be applied, as we would make notes pointing to where sealant is applied. I found this article and I was hoping I could adapt it to our purposes. I wanted to make a part with no geometry, create a custom property called "BOM_QUANTITY" with the value "A/R", and set that property as the part BOM quantity as shown below.

This does not work as the BOM quantity must be a numerical value. Say I give it a value of 0.25, but insert the part in two locations, then the quantity in the assembly BOM will read 0.5. Makes sense, but our shop consumables are tracked separately and we don't want to start ordering based on BOM quantities.

Does anybody know how we can get a part quantity to be automatically listed as a text string rather than a numerical value?