Scale a drawing - Best Practices?

Discussion created by 1-GFEX8U on Feb 6, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by Todd Bohlen
I am working these HUGE McDonnell Douglas Mylar's; they have no dimensions and are scaled 1:1. The block Tol is .XX=.03 and .XXX=.015

My idea was to scale and model the features as best I can and print the SW Drawing 1:1. Then overlay the Mylar on the SW drawing to check my work. (The part fits on a 11x17 sheet 1:1)

I found that my printer is not accurate as I check longer features in the SW print out. (.025" over 15")

So I was wondering what else to do. I got another guy to measure the Mylar and he got different numbers. I guess it's the use of different techniques.

I noticed that if I sketch two lines (vertical) in SW and add a dimension (Horz)
Then increase the line font to something very fat the dimension leader lines point to the center of the line (it splits the vertical line). Is that how we should scale the features on the Mylar, to the center of the line, or from out side to out side?