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How to access company's vouchers for CSWP exam

Question asked by Britt Kessler on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Jim Steinmeyer

As I understand it a company that is current with their subscription / maintenance gets 1 free voucher per seat each year for taking exams.

I talked to my boss, and our IT guy and they are unclear on how to access these vouchers.


1. Who issues these vouchers? SolidWorks?

2. Who do we communicate with to access the company's vouchers? Do we talk to Solidworks or to our VAR?

3. As an employee of my company, I want to use said vouchers for the CSWP exam, but I have also read that the vouchers are not 'transferable'... so

if I take the exam does it show "Acme, Inc." as successfully completing the CSWP? There must be a way for me to use the voucher under my own name, otherwise what's the point?


Yes, I've downloaded and read the .PDF with the practice questions for Segment 1.

Yes, I have already downloaded and had the IT guy install the Tangix TesterPRO software for taking the test.